Garden Maintenance

First impressions count, especially for a business! We offer the complete garden maintenance service. If you want to make that first impression count we have a team of garden maintenance experts ready to tackle the most complex of challenges.

Electrical Maintenance

Meeting your legal requirements is one of the most important things you must stay on top of as a landlord. We offer a range of electrical safety maintenance services that allow you to stay ahead and maintaining a high level of standards in the work place.

Mechanical Maintenance

Keeping your property functional is our number 1 priority. We offer scheduled maintenance programmes that allow you to be one step ahead with any work that needs to be carried out. By being one step ahead this allows us to have the upper hand and prevent any breakdowns from happening.

Structural Maintenance

Making sure your property looks at its best to give off the best first impression is not easy. That’s why we are here to help by offering a range of structural maintenance services. Take the stain off maintaining a property off your hands and pick up the phone and give us just one call to arrange.